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Jolie came to me with one single idea. She wanted a dress like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. I had heard that the very private Kennedy family had released only two photos of the bride, but at the time was able to find only one, the iconic shot of the two exiting the chapel, she carrying a spray of flowers which block the view of the bodice of the dress as he kisses her hand...we could only imagine what the back of the dress looked like...

Jolie gave me 100% free reign to do as I would from fabric to design. A lovely crepe-backed satin in silk was used for the entirety of the dress. The bias cut and the open back allowed the bride to literally slip into the gown with no worries about zips or buttons. Quite some time after, I was able to locate a back view of the BK gown. Just as I had imagined, it did indeed have a scoop back with a drape, although our scoop was much deeper and our cowl more full.

These masterful photographs were taken on Jolie's wedding day here in San Francisco, by www.hermessee.com.



"Witnessing an artist at work, I am riveted by the ease with which a vision becomes a reality. I enjoyed working with you and being privy to your world for a brief moment in time as you constructed and weaved life into my wedding gown, a perfect dress of finest touches.

I could not have imagined a gown of such luxury, grace and elegance. I feel that you perfected the Bessette-Kennedy dress, elaborating on its style. My friends and family and the photographer who sees hundreds of gowns cannot stop talking about Fleur de Lys. It is always the first comment about that evening. I felt as though I was clad in a liquid embrace that became a second, sensual skin.

Thank you for all that you did to make an exceptional and memorable work of art. I shall always hold you in the highest esteem. Thank you for all you do and are."

-- Jolie