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Miranda’s gown was originally cut straight across at the neckline, with four deep bias cut pleats folded over the left side, mirroring the pleats on the right side of the skirt below the waistline.

As Miranda was (and still is!) a very willowy, slender model, these pleats at the neckline were entirely too heavy for her. I removed the pleats, and found our contouring solution in two asymmetrical darts. I recut the neckline to a gentle sweetheart/scoop which suited this bride quite nicely.

The skirt itself was also too full; I found the solution in tapering the sides and readjusting the pleats on the right side. Miranda wanted more definition to the waist, so I made a belt for her, which was just the right amount of definition.

Miranda_01 Miranda_01

"Julie Ireland was wonderful to work with. From our first meeting, she was kind, caring, professional, detail-oriented, and an extremely clear and effective communicator.

Our alteration process unfolded in stages, and took longer than expected because I requested a challenging set of changes, but I always felt clear about what was at stake at every stage of the process, and Julie worked closely with me to ensure that the result was what I had in mind.

She remained patient and committed to getting it just right - and she did! I was delighted with the results, and very pleased to have had the chance to work with such a talented and skilled professional.

Julie's kind, thoughtful, and caring manner also helped to aleviate some of the stresses of planning a wedding. I recommend her wholeheartedly, and found that her rates were extremely reasonable."

-- Miranda