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Lacy came to me with a line drawing of the dress she wanted me to make. As does happen sometimes, it was not until the dress was almost complete that Lacy realized that the neckline was too high, and the sleeves were not really what she wanted at all.

With only weeks until the wedding date, I did a quick redesign of the bodice of her gown, scooping the neckline and losing the sleeves altogether. The addition of the beautiful French lace to the bodice gave just the right texture to complement the organza skirt.

Lacy chose a cool silver sash at the waist, completing the gown to perfection!

Lacy_01 Lacy_02

"Julie is an incredible dressmaker - and person! As another person said, I took a picture to her and she was able to suggest the best fabric and recreate the dress exactly.

To be able to have your wedding dress made, for you, by an actual seamstress is an incredible experience. Of course you do have to be flexible and patient and reasonable when doing such a thing. Over the course of working together for many months, it is true that each of us had to reschedule appointments from time to time. This never caused me any concern. Isn't this expected when working on such an evolving project?

Julie is a professional who is aware of how much time she needs. I never worried she wouldn't have my dress ready on time. In fact, only three weeks before my wedding I asked for a major change to my dress - when I spoke to Julie about this her reply was "this is important and now is not the time for me to jump ship." And she didn't. She patiently listened to my changes and made them all happen.

She loves what she does and becomes very excited about it. She gets goosebumps over a certain quality of lace - no, really, I actually saw her get goosebumps! I would recommend Julie to anyone and I hope I have reason for another dressmaking occasion.

I know everyone has to tell the bride that her dress is amazing, but three months later I still have people raving about my dress. Mostly they say what a perfect fit it was for me in every way, and it was. Thank you, Julie!"

-- Lacy